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The Cleveland Photo Fest announces its schedule for the 5th annual CPF photography exhibition in September of 2024.

The Cleveland Photo Fest will present a black and white portrait exhibition of 60 Cuyahoga County Mayors and Civic Officials, photographed by 30 intrepid local photographers. This exhibition was made possible by the generous support of the Rotary Club of Cleveland.

The Cleveland Photo Fest will also include exhibitions of a National Cat Show (national submissions), 40 Women’s Self Portraits (local submissions), the fashion photography of Clevelander Arlene Pachasa, Canadian/Clevelander Daniel Hertel-Cournoyer’s unique EXTRUSIONS, Cleveland Middle Schoolers selfies and their Pets, and our annual Volunteer’s Exhibitions.

The opening for this year's CPF is September 6th at the Bostwick Design Art Initiative at 2731 Prospect Rd, Cleveland, OH 44115,

with live music performed by the New Sons of Erie at 7PM.

The Cleveland Photo Fest is FREE, open to the public, and on display through September 29th, 2024.

Public hours are Friday, 12 to 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday 12 to 5 PM, as well as by special arrangement.

Our September Friday night Speakers’ Programs will include Canadian Daniel Hertel – Cournoyer, Arlene Pachasa and a special presentation by the women who participated in their Self Portrait show.

All Friday Night Programs start at 7PM and are FREE to the public.



Mayors, Managers, and Trustees: A Portrait of Cuyahoga County Officials

Thirty intrepid photographers have fanned out through Cuyahoga County to create portraits of 61 Mayors and municipal administrators. Printed in black and white (with a color selfie of the photographer and Mayor) this exhibition is a snapshot of the face of politics today.


The Woman’s Self Portrait Show

Forty women were invited to show their true selves in a myriad of colors and styles. Deep, introspective or just plain funny, the participants strut their stuff.

Submission information HERE



An international perspective of CAT.  An open show with entries from across the City and country.

Submission information HERE


Arlene Pachasa
Pretty Intimate: Film and Fashion

A retrospective of Arlene’s work in the film, fashion and celebrity world of Paris, Cannes, LA and NYC during the 1980’s and 1990’s.


The 5th Annual Volunteer’s Appreciation Show

30 of our finest volunteers exhibit their work.


Daniel Hertel-Cournoyer

Former Clevelander, now Canadian and LGBT member, his photographs use photo-projection. Extrusionism in painting and the original technique of photographic weaving.


Cleveland Middle Schoolers and Their Pets

A show of portraits of CMDA school children and their friends, furry, finned or just plain cute.