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Arlene Pachasa

Pretty Intimate: Film and Fashion


Artist Statement:

The Eye Remembers Often Before The Heart Catches Up…

Movie-set stills, Portraits and Fashion images that are intimate, vulnerable, and glamorous!



Arlene Pachasa is an American photographer best known for her portraiture, movie-set stills and photographs of The Cannes Film Festival.

Her love of fashion took her to Paris to study and photograph the French Collections.  Her love of black and white pictures led her to work in the offices of Magnum Photos where she was immersed in the stories and images of the world's most esteemed photographers ... Arlene covered The Cannes Film Festival for seven years ...actresses, actors, writers, directors, and starlets.

Arlene’s passion led her to Hollywood.  As Charlize Theron and Ray Liotta's assistant, she captured behind-the-scenes photographs of their fashion shoots.  She also photographed the opening of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Rolling Stones concert.

Love brought her back to Cleveland where she was born, and raised with a sense of playfulness and a reverence for the photographic art!


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