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Advertise with the Cleveland Photo Fest

The Cleveland Photo Fest was established in 2019 as an annual event for the benefit of ALL Greater Clevelander's who support photography as a fine art.

Our mission is to

strengthen the appreciation of photography as a major force in today’s visually driven culture.

Exhibitions, publications, educational and fellowship programming are at the core of our active engagement with the Cleveland community.

This year’s CLEVELAND OPEN PHOTO FEST project will be held from September 1st through Sept 30th at

Bostwick Design Initiative

2731 Prospect Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

We invite you to participate with us as a very important contributing sponsor to the event. Your ad will support this incredible undertaking by thousands of international and local contributors. We will print 3,000 copies of the program guide and distribute them locally and nationally. Your contribution will be recognized and seen repeatedly throughout the event.

Your sponsoring gift or advertising purchase will measurably add to the success of our project, and the shared enjoyment of the thousands who will walk through our door.

The Cleveland Photo Fest is Sponsored by The Cleveland Photographic Workshop, a not-for-profit 501.C.3 corporation established in 1978.

For a printable PDF, please email: [email protected] or [email protected]