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CATography Show


Show us Cats in their noblest, most elegant, memorable, and humorous portrait.

We will skip the usual clichés (Scratch around for your best entry!) and instead beseech you to intently consider the CAT essence of Your Best Friend. No credit cards, no staying out late with the boys/girls (well, OK, so they stay out REALLY late), no electronics…just love…their own empty box, and a daily sunbath for an hour or so. If you want to know pure, unadulterated and everlasting LOVE, well, MAYBE, just MAYBE, CAT will provide.



A maximum of 3 images can be submitted.

1 image $15

Each additional image is $10

Submit through Smarter Entry HERE


ACCEPTANCE: The exhibition will consist of approximately 60 photographs chosen from submissions. Photographers will be notified of their acceptance approximately two weeks after the submission deadline. Instructions for delivery or shipping of all artwork will be included in the acceptance email.

AWARDS:  Opening night The People will select their Favorite for an award of $300. The Judges will present Three ‘Too Good Not To Be Mentioned’ $100 awards at the their discretion. All award recipients will be given free entry to a future CPF sponsored exhibition. The exhibition will be curated by internationally exhibited CATographer Anastasia Pantsios, and judged by Barbara Tannenbaum, cat fancier and Cleveland Museum of Art’s Curator of Photography.

IMAGE SUBMISSION FORMATTING: Submissions are ONLY accepted through our online Smarter Entry ™ site in digital files. Please prepare your files as follows:

FILE FORMAT: Images must be saved and submitted as Jpegs.

IMAGE SIZE: Images must be 72 dpi and 1920 pixels or less on the longest side. Images must be 2 MB or less.

FILE NAME: Image Title_by_First Name_Last Name.  For example: You’re Sitting In MY Chair_by_Helene_Frotzmeir.jpg.



R E A D   C A R E F U L LY ! ! !

ALL exhibited portraits MUST conform to gallery standards: 

~ ALL photographic images must be no smaller than 11 x 14 inches and no larger than 16 x 20 inches.

~Alternative process images may be of any size but MUST be framed 16 x 20.

~All images must be professionally framed, either by the photographer or professional framer.

~ALL FRAMES MUST BE 16 x 20 inches.

~ALL frames must use UV PLASTIC, not glass.

~ Frames MUST be black, white or gold, metal or wood is acceptable.

~ Frames MUST be wired for hanging. NO D rings or sawtooth hooks will be accepted.

~ Full frame images are permitted.

Return postage/shipping must be included with your submission.


Photographers who have designated their images for sale to the public will be promptly contacted as to the sale of their work. The CPF will take a 30% commission on all works sold. At the close of the exhibition, all non-sold work will be returned to the artist at their expense.



The artist retains copyright of their own images. Accepted artists grant the Cleveland Photo Fest the non-exclusive right to use, print or reproduce submitted digital files for the purpose of the exhibition, to promote the artist or related CPF programming, and subsequent display on the Cleveland Photo Fest webpage. The artists name and photo title will be included WHENEVER POSSIBLE, wherever the photographs are displayed or published.

DELIVERY INFORMATION will be sent via email upon acceptance.

Please do not hesitate to contact Anastasia Pantios with any questions at

[email protected]