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The Cleveland Photo Fest & Tri-C® Presents:

Cleveland On the Streets


Thur. Jan. 18, 2024 5:00 pm – 7:30 PM

Show runs from Jan. 18 to Feb 15, 2024

Gallery East at Cuyahoga Community College East Education Center

4250 Richmond Rd, Highland Hts, OH 44122

Free Parking:

Lots B & H (located off Robert Bishop Dr & Harvard)

Extended gallery hours:

Thursday January 25 – 3:00-7:00PM

Saturday February 3 – noon-5:00PM

Thursday February 8 – 3:30-7:00PM

The “streets” have always been an inspiration to photographers.  Photographer’s study and look at our neighborhoods, architecture, bridges, people, narratives, street signs, trains, rivers, and so much more.  The cityscape is unique along with the complex.  It reflects our culture, social issues, and environment.  The Cleveland streets offer the photographer inspiration to present life.

50 Photographers

Over 80 Images

Food &  Refreshments

Live Music

A $100 CASH PRIZE will be awarded opening night for selected People’s Choice photograph.

CPF on the streets