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Internet Radio - Where it's at?

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Internet radio is a purely digital audio broadcasting system transmitted over the Internet using digital signals. Radio online broadcast is generally referred to as internet streaming because it's not transmitted publicly through conventional radio means. It can be accessed in real-time from a computer by dialing a given radio station number and listening live to a broadcasted radio show. The format of online radio broadcasts is quite simple: there is either an audio recording or a video recording of a live show, which the listener can then load onto his or her personal computer and play right there on their site.

Internet radio online broadcasts can be a great way for many people to express their own personal interests or to promote a brand. A small business might use us to advertise its product and a public radio station could use us to broadcast a special feature report. For the purposes of promotion, online radio broadcasts are frequently used as advertising tools, especially when they feature products that are known to be popular among consumers. As an example, many major companies pay per view television commercials (CPM) and use them extensively in online radio broadcasts to boost ad sales.

As radio online services are becoming more commonplace, we're also seeing more Internet radio stations popping up - all with the same objectives in mind. The most common is probably a general conversational Internet radio talk show, which is broadcast from a central webcast hub and includes guests from all over the world. Online radio shows are frequently used as forums for promoting and marketing, and many Internet radio stations even have their own dedicated subscriber base. Some websites offer free subscriptions to their radio channels and allow their listeners to actively participate in discussions on any topic imaginable. The future of online radio programming looks bright indeed.