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The Cleveland Photo Fest Presents

Art of the Trade: Artists Collecting Artists Exhibition

Fri. Oct 13th
6-10 PM

doubting thomas Gallery
856 Jefferson Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

Throughout history artists have always come together in community and have inspired one another.  "Unity Through Photography" is the motto of the Cleveland Photo Fest, and has been witnessed during the CPF shows and beyond. Artists have the most fabulous art collections. Often artists tend to trade their work or gift it to other artists. This exhibition is curated by Laura D'Alessandro (one of 2 Directors of the CPF), and her intention is to showcase some of the photographic talent of Cleveland based artists who she has traded work with and whose passion for what they do energizes her and the community.

This exhibit will open on October 13, at the Doubting Thomas Gallery in Tremont during Walkabout Tremont.

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, costumes are not required but preferred!

Live noise set by Fellahean at 8 PM.

This show runs from October 13th through November 4th

Exhibiting Artists:
Laura D'Alessandro, Ron Kretsch, Jim Szudy, Kasumi, Robert Muller, Shawn Mishak, Joan Neubecker, Sean Mabin, SlainNemo, June Hund, Rita Elswick , Jackie Bertolette, Brent Gemmill, Todd Hoak, Raymond Hallenstein, Cynthia Penter, Stephen Calhoun, Anastasia Pantsios, Janet Century , Herb Ascherman Jr., Kathryn Selvaggio, Bonnie Appart, Seta Nagbe, Dave Levingston, Nicole D'Alessandro, David Perelman-Hall

Art of Trade