Speak in Images - See in Sounds

Cleveland Photo Fest / Bostwick Design Art Initiative

June 3rd  through June 30th 2021

Opening Event: Thursday June 3rd 6-9 pm


The Cleveland Photo Fest is now accepting submissions for a collaborative show bringing together Photographers, Musicians, and Poets to create one piece. A photographer, musician(or music group), and poet will be grouped together to create a multimedia piece of visual, auditory, and lingual power. Worlds Collide. Speak in Images - See in Sounds.

The end group will be 30 artists- 10 from each medium. We ask artists submitting: “What inspires you?” “What makes you feel alive?” Show us your perspective and soul. Once selected, the artists will be notified and randomly paired together. The process of creation will vary from group to group, depending on how each artist works. The piece may be a collaborative venture- all artists working together to create one vision… or a “chain of inspiration”- the photographer creates a photograph which then inspires the music which then inspires the poem. The show will be an multimedia event- the image with the recorded music will be projected as the poet reads aloud their poem, one group after another. In addition to the projection, each photograph will be printed and framed in a 11x17” frame- displayed in the gallery with a handwritten or typed copy of its poem next to it. Typewriters will be scattered in the gallery, for visitors to type their own thoughts, inspirations, reactions to the pieces, etc. Polaroid cameras will be at the event, documenting it. The pictures will be posted in the gallery, next to the pieces as well. The event will be filmed and posted on the internet, with a link to the video posted in the gallery.

Submitting is FREE and there will be a $10 charge at the door for entrance on the evening of the show.

Once accepted, all artists will be invited to join a Zoom meeting to discuss the project.


Submit your images, poems, musical information & preferences to:




Other notes:

There are no limitations to the photographers, musicians, and poets we accept. We take walks of all life. Musicians can be single singer/songwriters, or a jazz ensemble of 5.

Do we accept video instead of one photograph? Yes. A short silent video under 2 minutes is acceptable. For the framed image, a still of the video may be used.

Can the poem be short? Yes. The poem can be short & sweet, but we ask that there is intention behind it.

* The deadline for submissions is April 30th.


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