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4th Annual Cleveland Photo Fest

Sept 1st through Sept 30th

Sponsored by Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, Ohio Arts Council,

NEO Pro Imaging, and Bostwick Design Art Initiative


OPENING Friday, Sept 1st

Gallery opens at 3PM

Suber Huang Presentation Talk 6-7 PM

Live Music: Shawn Mishak (of Kid Tested)

Jazz Trio

Food & Refreshments

CLOSING Reception Friday, Sept 29th 3-9 PM

Live Show (TBA), Food, Refreshments

Bostwick Design Art Initiative

2731 Prospect Rd

Cleveland, Ohio 44115



The CPF: The Cleveland Open Photo Show

The Cleveland Photo Fest announces THE CLEVELAND OPEN PHOTO SHOW…a photography exhibition for all of Northeastern Ohio.

We invite your participation in the largest public photography exhibition ever held in Cleveland, from September 1st – September 30th 2023 at the Bostwick Design Art Initiative, 2731 Prospect Ave, Cleveland Ohio. EVERYONE is invited to participate.

How do I participate? EASY!!! On August 26 and 27, from 10 AM to 5 PM, bring your submission and 10 bucks to the Bostwick gallery. Want to bring two submissions? Bring 20 bucks. Want to bring three submissions? Bring 30 bucks. You get the idea. No size limitations (well, within reason). Framed or unframed is OK!

ALL FAMILY FRIENDLY photographs will be displayed.

NO judging, opinions, or comments will be rendered! This is a show for EVERYONE!

OPENING NIGHT September 1, 2023. VOTE for your favorite image. $100 prize for the Best in Show, chosen by Public Acclamation and awarded at the opening!

2nd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Show

Collection of images from all of the CPF volunteers

Open theme

Suber Huang: See and Be Seen

Suber Huang formed SH Creative Arts, LLC in 2020 to showcase his work in the visual arts.  His photographic work spans 30 years and seeks to capture the vibrant emotions of light and life.  His collection, See and Be Seen, is a celebration of eye-catching photographs juxtaposed with images from his inspirational work as Founding Curator of the American Society of Retina Specialists Retina Image Bank.  Since its inception, the Image Bank has garnered over 3 million page views and has been used in over 180 countries to become the world’s largest and most comprehensive open access retina platform. Dr. Huang has been selected as a featured artist and his photography was awarded a solo exhibition at the prestigious New York Foundation of the Arts from September-December 2021. He is Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Producer of the Future Vision Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and celebrate breakthroughs in vision research through powerful documentaries of discovery, impact, and hope. He resides with his wife, Dr. Cindy Huang, in Cleveland.  They have three adult children.

Suber S. Huang, MD, MBA, FASRS


IG: Subers_pix

[email protected]

Joan Lederer: Africa to Cleveland Seeking Safety in our Community

Because I am a photographer and an activist, I fell into a photographic project that I believe needs to be shared.

For the past 10 months I have been photographing a family of four Congolese who are seeking asylum in the United States.  The family has been remarkably generous in allowing me into their lives.  The photos show emotions and relationships that are generalizable to all of us.  And yet…..what this family is going through and has gone through is something none of us should ever have to experience.

Joan Lederer [email protected]

Jon Passow: The West…Pinhole Color Landscapes

The Art: These 5 large format photographs were taken throughout America's Wild West. Sized at 61.5" wide by 41.75" tall, they are printed using lightjet technology. Thematically, these pieces are all captured with 35mm redscale film through the use of various cameras (Pentax P3, homemade pinhole, and a Zero Image 135B wooden pinhole camera).

Jon Passow, LMT


[email protected]

Randy Norfus: Student Work with Jazz Musicians

The middle school students of Newton D. Baker will showcase their photographic talent by documenting the upcoming Tri-C Jazz Festival on June 23, 24, and 25.  (indentation was funky and I couldn’t reset the tabs, so just reformatted.


Suber Huang – Friday Sept 1st 6-7 PM

Joan Lederer and her Family of Refugees – Friday Sept 8th 7-8 PM

Nihil Omnia Audio Visual Sludge Noiseadelic (Jim & Shawn) – Friday Sept 22nd 8-9 PM



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