Cleveland Photo Fest Off-Site Exhibitions


BayArts Gallery, Bay Village, Ohio

Cleveland – Kerala A photo exchange exhibition between Cleveland and Kerala (India) photographers.

May 26th - June 30th

Kerala Cleveland



Prama Art Space, Parma, Ohio

Student Show Holy Name High School students exhibition. - MAY

CPF Volunteer Appreciation exhibition. - JUNE

Holy Name Student Show
Holy Name Student Show


The Cleveland Photo Fest and LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland Present:

 Open Eyes Open Minds: Cleveland Quests

Rebecca Groynom


Jim Szudy

Exhibition runs from May 10th through June 30th

Special Meet & Greet at LGBT Center

Friday, May 21st

3-5 PM

LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland

6705 Detroit Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102



Open Eyes Open Minds: Cleveland Quests
Open Eyes Open Minds: Cleveland Quests


The Cleveland Photo Fest and Macs Backs-Books In Coventry Present:

Portraying Thought, Inquiry and Story in Photography.

This show will open at Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry on Independent Bookstore Day, Saturday, April 24th. The show runs through June 30th. Mac's Backs is open 12-6 PM daily and is observing social distancing and capacity guidelines.

Through inventive prose, powerful descriptions, and fanciful word-play, authors guide our thoughts and imagination in ways that can challenge our point of view, offer new insight, and project us into other worlds.

By applying a variety of visual cues and techniques, photographers can deliver  - in one shot - what an author has pages upon pages to convey. Through skillful direction and artful manipulation, photographers can stretch a moment in time, turn reality on its side, and encourage the viewer to see things in a new or alternative light.

A picture is worth a thousand words…
In this exhibit, four artists were brought together to represent a few ways in which photographers convey stories, offer perspective, and other thoughts on interpreting the world around us.

Participating Artists:
Adam Bernard
Aireonna McCall
Jamie Richey
Michele Waalkes