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Herb Ascherman

Herb Ascherman
Herb Ascherman

My work informs the Photograph as Artifact. The digital age has given us imagery that floats in the electric either. Using the 1851 process of Collodion Tintype, the 1873 handmade process of Platinum Printing, or the relatively modern process of silver gelatin fiber based papers, my images are made for the viewer’s hand…and to be enjoyed and venerated by the generations to come.


Linda Butler


During the first 35 years of my career I worked in black and white,using primarily a 4" X 5" view camera and a standard darkroom to print. I was limited to making 16 " x 20" prints. Five years ago as digital technology improved, I shifted to using a Sony Alpha7, (a high quality digital camera) and printing (without a darkroom) using a Epson 7900. Many of my exhibition prints are 23" X 35." The digital revolution has allowed me to continue to travel because I have much lighter gear and to work boldly making large scale prints.


joy Christiansen Erb

Joy Christiansen Erb_Head Shot

“Portrait of a Mother” explores the subject of motherhood and family, both from a personal and universal perspective. Through this series, I record the private moments within the lives of my family and our domestic space. The resulting images artistically document the growth cycles of my children, the successes and failures of motherhood, and focus on the body through sickness and healing.


Donald Black, Jr.

All it takes is for someone to drive through some of the roughest parts of Cleveland to witness the beauty and impact of Donald Black, Jr.’s photography.  Black’s work is on the ground alongside the people who are from the same environment that he represents. And when you hear his story, with all of its rugged and rough edges, you’ll understand why it’s so impressive that he was able to maintain the focus needed to avoid falling into the traps that his environment steadily situated and promoted.